CommCare Ad-Ons are advanced settings that allow you to build more complex applications.

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Table of Contents:

Case Management Add-Ons

Case Conditions

Open or close a case only if a specific question has a particular answer. Available in, under Case Management.

New Case Lists Created Empty

When adding a new case list, don't include a registration and followup form.

Child Cases

Open other types of cases, linking them to the case that created them. Available in .

Mobile Experience

Case List Menu Item

Allows the mobile user to view the case list and case details without actually opening a form. Available in menu settings.

Icons in Case List

Display a case property as an icon in the case list. For example, to show that a case is late, display a red square instead of "late: yes".

Control whether a form's enclosing menu is displayed on the mobile device or not.

Register from case list

Minimize duplicates by making registration forms available directly from the case list on the mobile device. Availabe in menu settings.

Nest menus inside of other menus.


Display Conditions

Write logic to show or hide forms and menus on the mobile device. Available in and menu settings.

Conditional ID Mapping in Case List

Specify a custom xpath expression to calculate a lookup key in the case list, case detail screen or case tile enum columns.

Calculations in the Case List and Details

Specify a custom xpath expression to calculate a value in the case list or case detail screen.

Custom Single and Multiple Answer Questions

Allows display of custom lists, such as case sharing groups or locations as choices in Single Answer or Multiple Answer lookup Table questions. Configuring these questions requires specifying advanced logic. Available in form builder, as an additional option on the Lookup Table Data for lookup table questions.

App Building Efficiency Tools

Case Detail Overwrite

Ability to overwrite one case list or detail's settings with another's. Available in menu settings, in the actions tab.