User Management

CommCare allows you to manage any and all users in your project; this includes web users (who have access to CommCareHQ) & mobile workers (whose accounts are used to log in to CommCare Mobile / Webapps). Read on for detailed information on managing specific user profiles.

Web User (CommCareHQ) Management

These are specifically, project coordinators, field coordinators and more generally, the managers of the data collected. They are typically not using the application on the phone, but monitoring the data on CommCareHQ. These users may be responsible for creating applications, deploying applications, monitoring data and/or analyzing data. There are four ‘roles’ and associated permissions for web users: Admin, Field Implementer, Read-only or App Editor. 

Creating a Web (CommCareHQ) user

Roles and Permissions


Mobile Worker Management

These are data collectors or other field staff who are using the application on the phone or web apps. 

Create and Manage CommCare Mobile Workers

Mobile Worker Groups

Custom Mobile User Data (Advanced)


"Organizations" is a CommCare feature that let you represent the real-world structure of your project and enable CommCareHQ to be smarter about how features, such as case sharing, work. You can create a Organization Structure that represents geographic or organizational elements in your project. For example, you may create a hierarchy of regions, clinics and attached CHWs for your project.   Each element in your structure is a Location.