SimPrints App Integration


Simprint's hardware + software biometric solution is designed for projects at the frontlines of global health, international development, and humanitarian relief. Simprints plugs into your existing CommCare apps, allowing you to enroll and identify beneficiaries with the touch of a finger. Once Simprint's solution is integrated with your CommCare app, your workflow for enrolling and identifying beneficiaries will be as shown below. 

Integration Steps 


  • Simprints ID Android app needs to be installed on your mobile device that has your CommCare app.

  • You would need a Project ID from Simprints

  • You would also need the following credentials from Simprints to login to the Simprints ID app:

    • Project ID (same as above) or QR Code 


1. From CommCare HQ, go to your Project Space's Project Settings page, and click Biometrics Integration on the left-hand navigation. 

2. Check the 'Enable Simprints Integration' check box, and enter the Project ID you received from Simprints. 

3. Do not change the User ID and Module ID. 

4. Go to your app, and add a new Biometrics module. 

5. Adding the Biometrics module, will create the following two 2 Case Lists. One for Registration/Enrollment and the other for Followup/Identification. 

6. That's it! Deploy the app on your mobile device and check out the workflow. Please note that the first time you do this, you will be asked to login to the Simprints ID app using Project ID + Key, or a QR Code, all provided by Simprints. 

Suggested Hardware

The following are the recommended specifications for an Android device for those seeking to use Simprints.  More details can be found on their website here.



(as of July 2019)


(as of July 2019)

Android Version

5.0 (Lollipop)

Latest - 9.0 (Pie)

Android API Level


Latest - 29


1.4 GHz Quad Core

2.1 GHz Quad Core or better



2GB or more

Internal Available Memory


*depends on # of beneficiaries and fingers 

1GB or more