OData Feeds

OData (Open Data Protocol) feeds is a standard protocol for consuming data services over the web, allowing for easy integration with a variety of analytics and reporting tools. OData is an open protocol that allows the creation and consumption of queryable and interoperable RESTful APIs in a simple and standard way. It enables real-time access to data within different systems and applications, facilitating the analysis, sharing, and manipulation of this data across various platforms.


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Benefits of Using OData Feeds with CommCare

  • Real-Time Data Access: OData feeds provide real-time access to CommCare data, enabling up-to-date analysis and reporting.

  • Easy Integration: Easily connect CommCare with popular data analysis tools without the need for custom API programming.

  • Flexible Data Queries: OData allows for flexible querying of data, enabling users to specify exactly which data they need from their CommCare projects.

  • Standardized Protocol: As a widely adopted standard, OData is supported by a range of tools and platforms, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

Setting Up OData Feeds in CommCare

Step 1: Enable OData Feed

  1. Log in to your CommCareHQ account.

  2. Navigate to the project space where you want to enable the OData feed.

  3. Go to Data > Export Data.

  4. Choose the type of data you want to create an OData feed for (e.g., Forms or Cases).

  5. Click on the + Create OData Feed button next to the relevant data export.

Step 2: Configure OData Feed Settings

  1. Specify a name for your OData feed.

  2. Choose the data items you want to include in your feed.

  3. Configure any additional settings, such as filters for the data.

  4. Save your OData feed configuration.

Step 3: Accessing Your OData Feed

  1. After saving, you will be provided with an OData URL. This URL is used to access your OData feed.

  2. Ensure you have the necessary authentication details, as OData feeds require authentication to access.

Repeat Groups

If setting up an OData Feed for a form that contains repeat groups, you will also need to reference the additional feeds created for that repeat group data if it is of interest. Each repeat group will have its own OData URL.


When querying Repeat Group OData URLs, the limit and offset parameters operate at the form level, meaning limit=1 will return all responses within a repeat group for one form.

Best Practices

  • Secure Your Data: Ensure that access to your OData feed is secured and only available to authorized users.

  • Monitor Data Usage: Keep an eye on how your OData feed is being used to ensure optimal performance.

  • Stay Updated: Regularly check for updates on CommCare's OData feed functionality to leverage any new features or improvements.

Using OData Feeds with Data Analysis Tools

Power BI

  1. In Power BI, select Get Data > OData Feed.

  2. Enter the OData URL provided by CommCare.

  3. Authenticate using your CommCare credentials.

  4. Load your CommCare data into Power BI for analysis and reporting.


  1. In Tableau, choose Data > Connect to Data > OData.

  2. Provide the OData URL and authenticate with your CommCare credentials.

  3. Use Tableau's data visualization tools to analyze and report on your CommCare data.