Multi-Environment Release Management

Multi-Environment Release Management leverages the power of Linked Project Spaces. With MRM, you can link many downstream project spaces to one upstream project space - but can only push content to one downstream project at a time.

MRM Settings

To link Project Spaces with MRM, the user needs the Multi-Environment Release Management permission added to their role.

Current Constraints

Multi-Environment Release Management (MRM) currently doesn’t support pushing the following content and configuration from an upstream to downstream project space.

  • Mobile Workers

  • Lookup Tables (non-global)

  • Messaging Translations

  • Location Hierarchy/Structure

  • Groups

  • Any custom reports

  • Messaging Configurations

  • Integrations

  • Submitted Form/Case Data

  • Internal Project Information

  • Application Profile

  • Disabled Feature Previews configuration*


  • Two-way linking between two project spaces isn’t supported. 

  • A downstream project space cannot be an upstream project space to another project space.

  • Multiple upstream apps linked to one downstream app are not supported. There must always be one upstream app. 

  • Disabled Feature Previews Configuration Constraint

When you enable the Feature Previews configuration, you can push the enabled Feature Previews configuration from the upstream to the downstream project space. (Read more at 

However, when you disable the Feature Previews configuration, you can't push the disabled Feature Previews configuration from the upstream to the downstream project space