Copy or Delete an Application

This page provides a high-level overview of how to copy or delete your CommCare applications(s).

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Copy an Application

You can make a copy of an existing application within the same project space or to a different project space.

Permissions Required

We want to make sure that project spaces are protected in receiving copied applications only from approved users.

As such, to copy an application, you will need to have permissions to manage Apps (see below) in the project that you are copying the application to. If the project space that you are copying to uses locations, you will need to have Locations configured as well.

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These can be selected either through the pre-existing Role Configurations or by setting up a new Role Configuration under “Add Role.”


  • Click “Applications” at the top of the page. Select the specific application you would like to copy. 

  • Fill in the following information

    • Copy this app to project*: Type or select the project space you’d like to copy the application . This can include your current project space. As a reminder, you will need to have Admin permissions in the project space you are copying to.

    • Name*: Give the Application a new default name before copying.

    • Copy Version: When copying an app, you can chose the version to be copied. This can include teh most current version.

    • Copy as Linked Application: This will create an application that can be updated from changes to this application. This requires your app to have at least one released version.

  • Finally, click the Copy button. Clicking the button will bring you to the same/new project space, into the newly made copy of the application where you can proceed with building your application. 

Copy an Application to a Different Server [Advanced]

In some cases, users may want to copy an application between servers. This includes if you want to copy your application from the CommCare cloud platform to a locally hosted platform.

  1. On the server containing the app you want to copy, go to the URL: http://[SERVER ADDRESS]/a/[PROJECT NAME]/apps/source/<APP_ID>.  For example:

  2. You should see a block of JSON-formatted text. Right click to save this page as a file with .json extension.

  3. On the new server, go to the following URL http://[SERVER ADDRESS]/a/[PROJECT NAME]/apps/import_app/.

  4. Add an application name, and upload the app json file downloaded above.

  5. Click Import Application.

Important to Note:

  • This will not copy users and groups.

  • This will not copy organization structure or levels.

  • This will not copy user fields. 

  • This will not copy lookup tables (aka fixtures).

  • This will not copy multimedia from the app. Use the bulk multimedia download/upload to move multimedia.

  • This will not copy feature flags, although it will copy over any feature-flagged content in the application (e.g., advanced modules), which may behave unexpectedly if the domain being copied to does not have the correct flags enabled.


Delete an Application

You can delete an existing application if you do not need it anymore.

1. Access the application you would like to delete by clicking on the "Application" option on the ribbon menu, found at the top of the page, and then click on the specific application name. 

2. Select the gear icon in the upper left hand corner at the top of the page to proceed to the application settings page. On this screen, select the 'Actions' tab and click on Delete this Application button.

3. A confirmation modal will pop-up where you will need to confirm the deletion. Once you click Delete, the application will be deleted. 

4. Immediately after deleting, you will be returned to the current project space's dashboard. At the top of the screen, there will be a notification that you successfully deleted the application with an option to 'Undo'.