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Dimagi Academy is the testing and online course center for learning CommCare.

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About Dimagi Academy

Dimagi Academy is an online learning resource for CommCare materials, hosted on the Kajabi e-learning platform. Dimagi Academy is one of the family of CommCare Learning Tools:

  • Dimagi Academy - interactive short courses and tests used to evaluate an individual's knowledge of CommCare

  • CommCare Help Site - static documentation on most features, including advanced technical and implementation resources

  • CommCare User Forum - an online community of CommCare users that answer questions posted by community members. This group is monitored by Dimagi staff as well.

Honor Code

When completing tests and other exercises on Dimagi Academy, you are responsible for doing your own work. Please do not copy someone else's answers or share your answers with another student. If the Dimagi team discovers that you have copied answers or shared answers to any test, we reserve the right to revoke your Statement of Accomplishment or Certificate. For contracted projects, Dimagi also reserves the right to require you to retake the test as part of required milestones outlined in the contract. 

While you must complete your own work, for some sections of a course, you may use other Dimagi learning resources for support, including the Help Site and the CommCare Users Google Group. 

Dimagi Terms

  1. Terms of Service: https://www.dimagi.com/terms/latest/tos/

  2. Privacy Policy: https://www.dimagi.com/terms/latest/privacy/

  3. Business Agreement: https://www.dimagi.com/terms/latest/ba/

  4. Acceptable Use Policy: https://www.dimagi.com/terms/latest/aup/

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to take a course?

Currently all courses are free - just register yourself

Can I have more than one certification?

Yes, for more information on certifications, visit CommCare Learning Tracks or email academy@dimagi.com.

How do I view my progress/score in a course?

After logging in choose your course and then click on your name and then click on "Progress".