CommCare Learning Tracks

This page is an overview of the CommCare Learning Tracks.

The information will be useful for anyone who is interested in learning more about how to use CommCare or wants to become certified in one of the CommCare roles.

What are Learning Tracks?

There is a lot to learn about CommCare and the Help Site has a lot of information - which is useful, but can be very confusing to navigate.

We have organized CommCare learning resources into modules on topics like Form Building and Mobile Worker Management. You can think of each of these as a "course." Once you complete a course you should be able to do most tasks associated with the module topic.

Those modules are then organized into different tracks that build to more complex tasks.

These tracks will guide you to acquire a specific skill-set.

Learning Modules

Modules are the building blocks for learning how to use CommCare. Each is a self-contained unit of information. In general they consist of:

  • a list of prerequisites to the module

  • a list of learning objectives, with additional detail about key points, and links to relevant documentation on the CommCare Help Site

  • links to any tutorials or courses that will help you to learn the material

  • a test (for some modules) - if you are not pursuing certification, no need to look into the tests

A complete list of modules is available at: CommCare Learning Modules

Current Learning Tracks

There are currently three available learning tracks. Click on the box to see the complete program details.


Future Tracks

These tracks are currently under development and should be available in the future.



You can also become Certified in any of these tracks by completing the CommCare Certification process on CommCare Academy. For more information please see CommCare Certification.