Evidence and Impact

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CommCare is the digital platform for impactful frontline work everywhere. The most widely-deployed and evidence-based platform for enabling Frontline Workers, CommCare empowers organizations to build their own digital solutions to better deliver services, manage clients, and collect data. Built from the ground up to support the complexities and idiosyncrasies of frontline work, CommCare can meet nearly every frontline use case in any setting (including offline) at any scale, from pilot to nationwide programs.

CommCare's unique value is its proven ability to deliver technology which is both highly impactful and highly scalable. More than one million Frontline Workers have used CommCare applications to deliver critical frontline services across numerous sectors, including health, agriculture, social services, and more.

CommCare is backed by the strongest evidence base of any digital platform for Frontline Workers, proving CommCare’s positive impact on organizational performance, frontline workers behaviors, and most importantly, client outcomes. 

Below is some additional information about CommCare’s impact.