Mobile Device Selection

Choosing a mobile device for your CommCare project can be a hard decision.  The Dimagi team has worked to make this decision a bit easier by testing numerous different phone models and documenting their performance.  This page will provide you with the results of our testing as well as some general guidance on selecting your device.

Considerations for Selecting Your Device

CommCare requires Android OS 4.1 or higher, with a preference for devices on the higher end for extended support. Consider the following when selecting devices:

Recommended Devices

Below is a list of recommended devices from Dimagi. These have all been gathered through partners over the years. Please note that this list is updated on an irregular basis. As such, we suggest testing the phone to ensure it meets your project requirements before procuring multiple phones.




Samsung Galaxy Mini


Samsung Galaxy S GT-7562

  • Successfully supported Hindi script in India

  • Largely supports Odiya script

Samsung Galaxy Xcover S5690

  • limited internal memory, had to remove other apps but works well with only CommCare

  • Water and shock resistant

LAVA Iris 349+

  • successfully supported Hindi script in India

Samsung Galaxy Win Duos (GT-I8552)

  • Has difficulty scanning barcode off bright computer screen; when downloading app from CCHQ

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos (GT-S5302)


Samsung Galaxy ACE NXT

  • Successfully supported Hindi script in India

  • Successfully supported location capture through GPS

  • Had difficulties submitting forms with image capture

Samsung Galaxy ACE S5830

  • good screen size for multimedia

  • low performance, slow to load big forms

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-360H


Samsung Galaxy Trend


Samsung Galaxy Young Duos (S6310)

  • Successfully deployed very large forms (600+ questions)

  • Good internal memory

Samsung Galaxy SIII Fame Lite S6790


Huawei Ascend G510


Huawei Ascend Y 511

  • Can handle large case loads (1500 cases)

Moto G

  •  Used by most Dimagi Field Staff (FM) in India, West Africa and the US

Moto G (Turbo)


Tecno H3

  • Available for purchase locally in limited countries

Samsung Galaxy J2

  • Successfully displayed English and Hindi Text

  • Does not render Telugu and Marathi text.

Samsung Grand Prime 4G


Micromax Canvas Juice 4 Q382


Karbonn Smart Titanium S205

  •   Limited availability (India only)


  •  Limited availability (India only)

Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3

  • Smaller screen size. Can make it difficult to view case list/case detail screen depending on configuration

Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus


A Note About Feature Phones: As of 2016, Dimagi only recommends beginning new projects on Android phones. It has become increasingly difficult to find large quantities of feature phones that support CommCare, Androids aremuch more common and affordable, and most CommCare active development is focused on the Android platform. While we still support our Java platform, we do not recommend that any new projects begin on a feature phone platform.


Phone Model

Performance Notes?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

  • supports Hindi/Nepali script

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

  • supports Hindi/Nepali script

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 V (Model T116NY)


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite (Model T111)


Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

  • supports Hindi/Nepali script

Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T510

  • used in Mali with case loads as high as 25,000

Micromax Funbook Alpha

  • partially supports Hindi script (Hindi script- vowel markings are inconsistent)

Micromax Funbook Infinity


Videocon VT75C

  • processor is not very fast out of the box

Nexus 7

  • does not support Lao script

Onda V975s Core4

  • Android 4.2.2 ROM includes the Zawgyi font by default if bought in Myanmar

Datamini TA7

  • Could not render Telugu text

iBall Slide 3Gi71


ASUS Zenpad C7.0


Forstar FT 710x

  • Poor Battery performance

Alpha Tablet S707-DC



The phones listed below all have known limitations.  These phones may still be good options for a CommCare project depending on the projects needs. As with all phones not on our recommended phone list, we suggest testing the phone to ensure it meets your project requirements before procuring multiple phones. In addition, please keep an eye out for counterfeit phones.

Please note: Due to Google's revocation of Huawei's Android license, any Huawei devices produced after May 2019 would not support any Google apps including apps on the Google Play app store. As such, Huawei devices are not recommended for CommCare usage.

Phone Model

Performance Notes

Phone Model

Performance Notes

Samsung Galaxy Y

  • Problem- Default Sound Recorder: The sound recorder on the Galaxy Y improperly accepts the intent to record audio, and does not return the proper information to CommCare for audio recording questions.

    • Workaround: A different sound recording app can be installed from the Google Play market to replace the defective stock application.

  • Problem: Does not fully support Odiya font

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

  • Problem: Does not record audio, whether with default application or third-party recording application.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

  • Problem: Runs Android 3.0/3.1 out of the box and the behavior with CommCare can sometimes lead to apps not working.

Samsung Galaxy S Duos

  • Problem: There is a serious bug in the phone's software that causes CommCare to crash if number questions are added to the form. This occurs only on certain devices. Not recommended for use.

Lava Iris 351

  • Problem: Does not fully support Hindi font

Lava Iris 349

  • Problem: Does not support GPS

Lava Iris 349+

  • Problem: Does not support GPS

Nokia ASHA 206

  • Problem: Frequently requires manual GPRS configuration.

  • Problem: Less memory/CPU than other Nokia models. Struggles with large complex forms.

Nokia 201

  • Will have significantly reduced performance with case loads in your applications >150

Nokia 205

  • Will have significantly reduced performance with case loads in your applications >150

Nokia 109

  • Only 16MB RAM (not recommended for larger apps or apps with larger case lists)

Nokia e72

  • Problem: Only allows for data push, cannot remote update version, cannot restore user data 

Huawei G730-C00

  • Problem: Android 4.1.2, CommCare crashes if "Default storage location" is switched between runs

  • Problem: No WIFI Direct

  • Problem: GSM is 2G

  • Problem: When bought in Myanmar, not Unicode compatible font Zawgyi is installed

  • Problem: Load of Chinese bloatware

Micromax P480

  • Could not read external SD card

  • Very poor Battery performance

  • Cannot render Telugu or Marathi text

Penta T-Pad WS704Q

  • Could not read external SD Card

  • Can render English and Hindi text

  • Cannot render Telugu or Marathi text

Lava Model P7+

  • Does not have Telugu or Marathi as language options

  • Below average processor speed.

Infocus M370

  • Does not have Telugu or Marathi as language options

LG Max X160

  • Does not have Telugu or Marathi as language options

Alcatel OneTouch P310x

  • Recommended Barcode scanner does not work with this device.

  • Issues with submitting large Multimedia files

Samsung Galaxy J5 SM-J500

  • Issues with stock camera. Pictures do not get saved when used in CommCare

Mobile phone or tablet?

A Cure Cervical Cancer CommCare user with a tablet!

While tablets are slightly more expensive than phones and have equal or worse battery life, they also have several benefits for certain projects. Consider using a tablet for projects with:

  • Heavy data collection: Tablets, with their larger screens, can display more questions at once (around 6 compared to phones' 4), reducing the need to swipe frequently.

  • Extensive use of multimedia: The larger screen of a tablet makes it better for viewing images and videos.

  • Stationary settings: Tablets are suitable for less mobile environments. Their size makes them more conspicuous and potentially more at risk for theft.

  • No need for traditional communication: Tablets lack the capability for calls and SMS, which could be a limitation depending on project needs.