Secure sharing of data files using Dropzone

It's a common need to share files among web users like coordinating an initial case data upload, or sharing a file that has been downloaded from HQ but then "processed" in some way (like deleting all but a few columns or performing a vlookup with some data).

Given the lack of strong secure solutions for sharing that data, this feature allows users who all have access to the same project space to upload files to a 'dropzone' inside of the project space which can be downloaded  within a limited time window by anyone else in the project space who can access to the dropzone. 


Web user permission needed for web users to access this feature: View File Dropzone

This permission must be added to the roles for any users added to the project space. Please note that there are no per-user or per-file permissions in the dropzone. Access is "all or nothing."

Using the Dropzone

Users with the appropriate permissions can access the dropzone under the HQ Data menu

The dropzone is intended as a way to share files, not as an archive of data, so files can only be shared on the dropzone for a limited time window. It is recommended that this window be as short as practically possible. For convenience in sharing, once uploaded you can get a direct link to files hosted in the dropzone which can be emailed or shared over chat. The link download will still require that the other person be logged into HQ with a web user whose role permits access to the dropzone.


The dropzone only supports uploads of 100mb or less. Larger files must be shared through another secure medium.

Files can only live on the dropzone for up to 72 hours from upload.

The only access control for files in the dropzone is the domain-wide user permission.