Advanced Case Search

You can use the search box to find specific cases in the Case List report and Reassign Cases tool.

Type in any word to search for that term across all columns (with the exception of Case ID: see below). To search in a specific column, use the syntax below.

Case Name

Insert "name:" before your search term, e.g.  You can encompass a name separated by spaces in quotes to search for by both first and last names.

name: amelia

name:"अमिता देवी"

You can search for cases missing a name column by entering the following:


You can search for cases that have an empty string or null name by entering the following:

_missing_:name.exact OR name.exact:""

Case ID

For the case list information based on the unique identifier, insert _id: before the unique identifier in double quotes "form|case|@case_id"   e.g.


Case Type

Insert "type:" before your search term, e.g.

type: pregnancy


You can search by the dates opened_on, modified_on, server_modified_on

Note, currently opened_on and modified_on are the two columns actively displayed in the report.  Note that 'TO' must be capitalized and can't be entered as 'to'.  Date format is yyyy-mm-dd. 


opened_on:[2011-01-01 TO 2012-01-01]

opened_on:[2013-01-01 TO *]

opened_on:[2011-01-01 TO *] AND modified_on:[2013-01-01 TO *]

Open or Closed

You can search based on whether the case is open or closed by inserting "closed:" in front of TRUE or FALSE, e.g.


Searching across multiple columns

Searches can be chained using AND and OR, e.g. but AND and OR must be capitalized.

type:some_type AND name:parker AND opened_on:[2012-01-01 TO *] AND closed:TRUE