Clean Case Data

CommCare allows you to edit your case data directly through the Case List report. This feature allows you to edit properties or values connected to a case, giving you full control over your data and ensuring your case's data is accurate. If you need to edit your from submissions, please see .


To use this feature, proceed to the Reports/Case List and search for the case you would like to edit. Once you have found the case, select it to proceed to the Case Detail page. For more information on how to use the Case List, please proceed here.

Once you have found the case you would like to edit and selected it from the case list, you will be brought to the Case Detail page. 

To edit the case, select the Clean Case Data button that can be found at the bottom of the grid of case properties. 

Selecting this button will open a window with the case properties that you can edit. 

When you edit a property, the field will be highlighted in green to indicate that you have made a change to the property. This will occur for all properties that you edit:

Select save to commit the changes you want to make the case property. Doing so will update the case to reflect the new properties that you have submitted. 

Reverting Changes

  • Changes are made directly to the cases. When you make a change, CommCare submits a form to reflect that a change has been made to the case. The form is called the Data Correction Form so that it can be easily identified.  

  • This form that gets submitted to alter the case properties can be found in two places:

    • The Case Details > Case History Section

    • The Raw Forms, Errors and Duplicates Report Section. Be sure to include the Normal filter

  • Selecting the form and then choosing Archive will revert the changes you made.


  • You cannot add new properties through this page. To add new properties, you will need to add them to the case management sections for your application. For more information on case management and adding saving data as case properties, see

  • Metadata is read only and cannot be altered. For more information on metadata, see these two documents: and . Case names are also read only.

  • You cannot edit properties that were added via a case import but are not part of any application. Easy references in the form builder have a similar limitation, where properties created via case importer are not recognized. To work around this, you can create a "fake" form as described here.

  • If your project space uses location restrictions, you must give users the "Full Organizational Access" feature in order to use the Case History and Clean Case Data features.