Reassign Cases

If you have admin access on your CommCareHQ project space, you can transfer/re-assign cases that are registered on one Mobile Workers case list to another Mobile Worker through the Data tab available at the top of CommCare HQ. 

How to Reassign a select set of cases 

  1. Click the "Data" tab from the ribbon menu at the top of CommCare HQ and select "View All". 

  2. Click on "Reassign Cases" option on the left pane.

  3. Select the case that you would like to re-assign to another mobile worker. To find the case(s), you may edit the filter options and search by case owner, case type, etc.

  4. Tick the checkbox of the case you would like to re-assign. 

  5. An options menu will open above the filtered cases where you can choose to re-assign to a particular user or a group. Select the Mobile Worker to whom you would like to re-assign the select case. 

  6. Click re-assign.

You will see the following messages when a case has been successfully reassigned (a blue updated tag in the owner column, and an orange Out of range of filter message for date Last Modified):

How to Reassign all cases returned by search query 

  1. Click the "Data" tab from the ribbon menu at the top of CommCare HQ and select "View All". 

  2. Click on "Reassign Cases" option on the left pane.

  3. Search for the cases you wish to reassign using the available filters options 

  4. Select the mobile worker or case sharing group or location you wish to reassign the cases to

  5. Then select "all" below "Reassign Cases" and then click on "Select all # cases", # indicates the number of cases returned from the search query for reassigning 

6. Then click on "Reassign" and a success status message will be displayed at the top of the page 

Use cases

  1. A Mobile Worker has been replaced or removed from the project and the new Mobile Worker requires the existing case list. 

  2. A case has migrated from one catchment area to another and therefore needs to be monitored by another Mobile Worker in your project.

  3. Multiple users are sharing case lists in a group (i.e. if you have case-sharing enabled for your project).

  4. You have re-organized usernames and would like to protect case lists. 

  5. A worker has accidentally registered cases under another Mobile Worker's log-in, or has registered cases in demo mode (note that you cannot easily distinguish among owners of demo cases, so carefully check that you are transferring the correct demo case)


When you move cases to a new user, you are ONLY moving the "case"– not the individual form submissions.  It is strongly recommended that you NOT delete any "old" users if you want to be able to do any sort of data analysis.  Individual form submissions will always remain linked to the user that submitted them–even if that user is no longer active.  If you want to hide an old user's data you can "deactivate" the worker under the "settings & users" section of CommCareHQ.


When you transfer cases that belong to mobile user "Lalita" to mobile user "Sheela", the transferred cases will be reflected on Sheela's case list on her phone once her phone syncs to CommCareHQ. On the server side, form submissions made by Lalita  will always be linked to username Lalita because she completed those forms.  The change will however be reflected in the case exports, which will show Sheela as the new owner of the case. Any new form submissions completed by Sheela for the transferred case will reflect Sheela as the username in the forms exports. The old submissions for that case will still remain under the username "Lalita".