Login As Feature

Live Data

When using the Login As feature, you are submitting live data to your project space. Since you are submitting on behalf of a mobile worker, the data will appear in your exports and reports as such. We recommend using this feature with test mobile workers to ensure your submissions do not affect any live user data.

In both Web Apps and in the Application Preview, there is a feature known as ‘Login As.’ This functionality allows a web user to access a form as if they were a mobile user from their project space. This is another powerful tool that allows you to truly experience what your application will look and feel like from the perspective of a mobile user. Please note that any forms or data submitted while using the Login As feature will be treated as live data and will appear in exports and reports as such. 

Accessing Login As

To enable the Login As feature, you need be logged in as a Web User with certain permissions. The user’s Web User Role will need to have permission to do the following in your project space:

  1. Edit Data

  2. Edit Mobile Worker Data

  3. Edit Web User Data 

  4. Access to Web Apps 

With these permissions enabled, you should see a 'Login As' button when using App Preview or Web Apps:


Selecting the button will bring you to a list of mobile workers for your project space. Selecting one will bring up the option to login as that mobile worker:

Selecting yes will return you to the application list, with the following message at the top:

Clicking on your web username at the top of the screen will log you out of the mobile worker. You will then be using Web Apps as a web user again.

Please note that Web Apps should function very similarly, if not the same, as the mobile application. You will need to sync before using the application to receive the Mobile Worker's latest data. Please be sure to sync often.

When logged in as a mobile worker, there will be a note at the top of the App Preview noting who you are logged in as. Selecting the blue-highlighted 'here' button will log you out as the mobile worker:


  • Any data submitted this way will be done so as if you were that mobile worker. The data will appear in exports and reports as such.

  • Any limitations that would apply to a mobile worker in Web Apps. 

  • The only way to confirm a form was submitted on behalf of a mobile worker by a Web User, is to find the specific form itself. You can do this by searching for submissions in the Submit History. Once you find the form in the submit history, there will be a note at the top that states 'Submitted by Web User <name> on behalf of Mobile Worker <name>':