Zapier Integration


Zapier can be used with CommCare to trigger 100s of actions based on incoming CommCare form submissions or case modifications. These integrations enable you with near-limitless possibilities for your data—including syncing to Google Sheets, triggering emails, and connecting to hundreds of other applications supported by Zapier.

The following article walks you through the setup process of a basic Google Sheets integration with Zapier triggering off a CommCare form submission. Workflows based on cases, or integrations with other Zapier apps, follow a very similar pattern.


To begin setting up your integration you will need the following:

  • An account with Zapier.

  • A project space on CommCareHQ with an application.

  • Have submitted a form with the application you want to setup the integration for.

Setup CommCare Trigger

1. Proceed to your Zapier and log in to your account.

a. If you have not created an account, proceed to and sign up for one.

2. Once logged in, select Make a Zap at the top of the page.

3. On the next page, you will be prompted to ‘Choose a Trigger App.’ Search for and select CommCare.


4. For ‘Select CommCare’ trigger, choose the action you wish to capture, 'New Form Submission,' 'New Case' or 'Updated Case.'  Select continue. This article will reference New Form Submissions.

5. When on the page that asks you to ‘Connect an Account,’ select create a new account. 

6. A new window should pop up asking for your username and API key.

a. The user name should be a web user account that you login to CommCareHQ with.

b. You can create a new API key on the Account Settings API Keys page. Copy and paste the key that you create as you will only be able to see it once.

7. You should now be on the Set up CommCareHQ Form. Select the Domain first, followed by the Application and then the Form that you would like to trigger the action for. Select continue once you choose the form.

a. You need to have submitted a form for the application you are setting the zap up for. It does not matter when this form was submitted, just that the application has been used before.  If you're defining your domain through Use a Custom Value, you must enter your domain as it appears in your browser's URL. For example, a project named Zapier Test will appear in the URL as "zapier-test" and must be entered into Zapier as such.

8. After selecting the Domain, Application and Form, you will be brought to a page where you can test the setup. Select ‘Fetch and Continue’

If step 8 succeeds, you have now successfully created the trigger for your Zapier integration! It is now time to set up the action. 

If step 8 does not succeed, ensure that you have set up the integration as a Web User and not a mobile worker. For clarification on the difference, please proceed here:

With your CommCare Trigger now set up, we need to set up the action that will occur! 

Example Use Case: Integrating CommCare & Toggl!

Applications to Integrate With

This section is a work in progress and will be updated with more applications to integrate with.