Project Coordination Learning Track

The Project Coordination Learning Track will guide you through all of the main tools and features of CommCareHQ that will be useful in monitoring and supervising a project.

After learning all of the material covered in this track, you will be eligible to take the Project Coordination Capstone Exercise and become certified in CommCare Project Coordination - for more information see CommCare Certification.

To explore other tracks visit the CommCare Learning Tracks homepage. 

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Is this the right track for me?

This track is appropriate for people who will be monitoring or actively managing a CommCare project. The Project Coordination Learning Track covers all of the major functions of CommCareHQ, other than Application Building. If you are interested in learning about Application Building, check out the Application Building Learning Track

What will I learn?

You will learn how to use the major functions of CommCareHQ in order to: interpret and use worker monitoring reports; access and interpret data on CommCareHQ; manage web and mobile user accounts, and manage project data.

Am I qualified?

Anyone can go through this learning track to gain full comfort in using CommCareHQ. Before starting, we recommend that you take the short CommCare Fundamentals course on CommCare Academy.

For anyone who intends to attempt certification in Project Coordination, we recommend the following:

  • Experience and comfort using a web browser

  • Experience using Microsoft Excel or other Office products

  • Completion of CommCare Fundamentals

Core Modules

We suggest that the modules should be completed in the order in which they are listed below. We recommend you open links in a separate tab, or download this guide so you can use it for navigation.

Many of these modules do not yet have any associated tutorials. Therefore, we recommend that you practice within a test project space.


  • All of these modules assume that you have Admin access as a CommCareHQ user. If you do not have admin access in your project space, create your own test project space.

  • These modules cover all features available in the community and standard software plans. If you do not have a standard software plan, please contact the certification team, or create a new project space. New project spaces have access to the pro software plan for 30 days.

CommCareHQ Basics

Web User Management

Mobile Worker Management

Worker Monitoring Reports

Project Data Management

CommCare Data

Project Coordination Certification

To get certified in CommCare Project Coordination you must:

  1. Learn all of the material associated with each of the modules listed on this page. Where available we recommend you complete the tutorials.

  2. Register for the Project Coordination course on Dimagi Academy and pass the test for each module.

  3. Successfully complete the Capstone Exercise.

For more information, please see CommCare Certification.