Application Building Learning Track

The Application Building Learning Track will guide you through building basic CommCare survey forms to deploying complex applications that use case management.

After learning all of the material covered in this track you are eligible to take the App Building Capstone Exercise and become certified in CommCare Application Building!

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Is this the right track for me?

This track is appropriate for people that will design and build CommCare applications.

What will I learn?

After completing this track, a CommCare Application Builder will be able to:

  • Confidently navigate CommCareHQ and explain the basic function of each part of the website

  • Use the CommCare form builder to develop complex forms with multiple question types, skip logic, and validation

  • Use Hidden Values to perform moderately complex calculations

  • Understand the basic principles of case management in CommCare

  • Link forms and case properties using Case Management in CommCare applications

  • Be able to find additional information on complex features by using the CommCare Help Site

  • Demonstrate good practice in design of CommCare applications

Am I qualified?

Anyone can use the page to walk through application building, and you do not need any programming skills or experience.

We find that a good application builder has the following traits:

  • Very comfortable with use of the Internet

  • Proficient in English or French

  • Comfortable with use of Microsoft Excel or a similar product

  • Has experience using Android devices

Core Modules

The modules listed below should be reviewed in order. We recommend you open links in a separate tab, or download this guide so you can use it for navigation.

CommCareHQ Basics

Form Builder Basics

Advanced Form Builder

You can learn everything in this module by completing the Hidden Value Calculations Tutorial.

Case Management

You can learn everything in this module by completing the Basic Case Management Tutorial and the Advanced Case Management Tutorial.

Application Design

Advanced Modules

These modules are relevant to many but not all projects. They are required for a Certification.

Multimedia in CommCare

Applications in Multiple Languages

Advanced Application Building Topics

These advanced topics are often very important to a project; however because they are not relevant to every project they are no covered in detail here.

Application Building Certification

To get certified in CommCare Application Building you must:

  1. Learn all of the material associated with each of the modules listed on this page. Where available we recommend you complete the tutorials.

  2. Pass the test for each module.

  3. Successfully complete the Application Building Capstone Exercise

For more information please see CommCare Certification.