Resources for Project Teams Using CommCare

This page outlines the various resources you can use to stay up to date on CommCare platform announcements, reach our support team, and interact with our global CommCare application building community. 

CommCare Statuspage

The Statuspage is found here:

The Statuspage is used to keep up with:

  1. Scheduled downtime and maintenance windows

  2. Alerts of known issues on the platform, such as degradation or outage of services

We recommend subscribing to the Statuspage by clicking the "Subscribe to Updates" button found here:

You can subscribe by email, text, or Slack!

CommCare Change Log

The CommCare Change Log is found here:

The Change Log is updated quarterly and captures all user-facing updates made to the system. This typically includes:

  1. Bug fixes

  2. New product releases

  3. Small updates to the UI / UX

CommCare Help Portal

The Help Portal is your one-stop shop to submit issues or feature requests to the CommCare Support Team as well as reach our Sales & Accounts team about questions related to your subscription and billing service. 

You can access the portal by navigating here:

Below, we outline the types of actions you can take within the portal:

  1. View all your existing requests

  2. Reach our Sales & Accounts Team

  3. Reach our CommCare Support Team

You will receive responses in your inbox when you submit a query via the help portal. 

For more information on submitting issues to CommCare Support, please see

Notification Bell within CommCare HQ

Within CommCare HQ, Dimagi will periodically alert our users of announcements using the notification bell found here:

This bell is used for:

  1. Alerts about important Dimagi / CommCare news 

  2. Important alerts regarding your subscription

  3. New feature announcements

  4. Miscellaneous opportunities to connect with other app builders!

Emails to Administrators

On occasion, Dimagi will send emails to administrators on a project space directly. Most often, Dimagi will choose to send emails to administrators when we discover an issue specific only to that project space. You can find the list of administrators on your project space by navigating to Users >> Web Users and looking for all users with the "Admin" role. 

Dimagi Forum

The Dimagi Forum can be found here:

The forum is used for many different things, for example:

  1. Connecting with other CommCare users to ask questions and get help in the Users category (or the Spanish-speaking community!)

  2. Connect with developers who are developing software with CommCare's API's, extending CommCare's Open Source code, or self-host CommCare on their own on-prem environments in the Developers category.

  3. Keep up to date on big product announcements in the Platform Announcements category.

  4. View various job postings related to the CommCare community in the Jobs category.

You can choose to receive notifications by clicking on the bell icon within a category you're interested in: