Feature Spotlight Series: Depth of our Case Management Capabilities

How do I get access these features?

Contact us at info@dimagi.com. Please refer to our pricing page for more info. 

CommCare is widely known for our offline Case Management capabilities, and the only global good with substantive evidence for effective Case Management at scale. Our Case Management capabilities go much deeper than the ability to register a beneficiary and then having the ability to follow up on them over time without having to worry about internet connectivity. It is this depth that makes CommCare so effective in the field. To appreciate this depth we invite our partners to answer the following questions candidly. 

  • #1 Offline Case Management:

    • Do we want our case management workflows to truly work offline? After Amit registers a beneficiary when he is offline, will he be able to drive subsequent workflows on that beneficiary in a few days while continuing to be offline?

  • #2 Collaborative Case Management: 


    • Will our field team be able to share responsibilities of a case load? Will Maria be able to follow up on a beneficiary registered by David?


    • Will we be able to organize our field staff based on our regional structure where we have the state divided into districts which are further divided into villages, with frontline and admin staff associated with a given district or village? Will frontline staff associated with a given village be able to collaborate on a caseload? Can data access of admin staff associated with a given village be restricted to only the data collected in their village? 

  • #3 Case relationships: 


    • Will our CHWs or enumerators be able to automatically track the relationship between beneficiaries, with unique workflows for each beneficiary? 


    • Does our M&E team want reporting ready data, where they don’t have to manually link beneficiary records to capture the relationships between them?

  • #4 Case management@scale: 


    • Would your case management workflows remain performant as your program scales? 


    • Does the platform of choice have strong evidence for successfully running case management workflows at scale? 

Feature Spotlight Series Roadmap: 

  1. Case Sharing (Subscription Plan: Pro and above)

  2. Organizations (Subscription Plan: Advanced and above)

  3. Case Relationships or Child Cases (Subscription Plan: Pro and above)

  4. Auto-Case Update Rules (Subscription Plan: Pro and above)

  5. Calculations and Icons in Case Lists/Details (Subscription Plan: Standard and above)