Design Your Application Workflow

Before you dive into building your application, it’s good to take some time to think about its design and structure. Investing time here will save your users time as well as you time in data management.

Prior to building your application, it’s important to dive into more detail about how to structure your application. Here are some the steps the field team takes at this stage:

  • Draw a schematic that shows the workflow of the application. Specifically, show the structure of the Menus and Forms and how you think the content should be best organized. 

  • Describe the purpose of each form as it relates to case management concepts. For each form consider how it relates to the life cycle/care cycle of that case of interest. 

Some specific questions for consideration:

  • What is/are the criterion/criteria for closing a case? 

  • Is an edit form is necessary or required?

  • If case sharing is required in the application, are there multiple workflows to illustrate?

Workflow Mapping Guide

In this guide, we present examples and templates to create digital workflow documentation.

The DIIG Digital Workflow Template includes examples, key elements, and templates following the WHO’s Digital Implementation Investment Guide (DIIG). Copy and paste templates to create your own workflows using PowerPoint or Google Slides.