Get Started!

Learn how to get started with CommCare! For a quick overview about CommCare, check out this page.

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Step 1: Build a CommCare Application

Set up your free CommCare account, and start building your application. If you’re looking to transition your data from another tool to CommCare, check out this resource:


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Build An App in 15 Minutes

Create your free account on CommCare and start building your first application within minutes!

Take a CommCare Course

Enroll in a free, self-guided course in Dimagi Academy and dive into the details of using CommCare.


Step 2: Get Your Questions Answered

As you get started with CommCare, the following support resources are available to you.


Free Learning Resources

Check out CommCare’s free learning resources, including this CommCare Help Site!

Support & Troubleshooting

Stuck on a question in CommCare? See your support options.


Step 3: Take Your Game to the Next Level

There are infinite ways that you can configure CommCare to do incredible things. We’re happy to work with you to figure out what is the right software plan and support to achieve your goals.

Pick The Best Plan

Unlock the power of CommCare with powerful features, listed here.

Hands-On Professional Services

Looking for a more personal touch? Our Professional Services are ready to support.

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