Dimagi Vaccine Solution

Project Background

In the past two years, we witnessed an unprecedented vaccination campaign to stem the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. As vaccines have been delivered across the globe, we have seen the tremendous value of digital solutions in ensuring that doses are delivered equitably, effectively, and efficiently, so that governments can be empowered with the data they need to track the progress of vaccination campaigns in their countries. As part of a strategic initiative for Dimagi to provide a comprehensive solution for immunization, Dimagi Vaccine Solution is designed. The goal is to create an enterprise ready template application that could be used in part or as a whole by governments who wish to focus on COVID-19 and/or routine immunization service delivery.

Getting Started with the Solution

The template solution has been redesigned/updated to align with the WHO DDCC: VS Technical guidance, so that it meets the data exchange requirements. Appropriate documentation on installation and deployment, quality assurance and testing, and product information are available. No custom development work will be required when the application structure or properties change, thus ensuring long-term sustainability and maintainability of the integration.

The solution is a ready-to-deploy toolkit for vaccine management that includes six micro-applications, each one designed to address a unique challenge related to vaccination programs at scale. Each micro-application can be used on its own or in combination with the other micro-applications. The micro-applications reflect key aspects of immunization at scale while the dashboard includes visualizations based on key indicators for immunization programs. These micro-applications use a modular design (i.e. there is no dependency between micro-applications) to enable easy removal and/or configuration based on local requirements.

User Workflow

Solution Overview: Dimagi Vaccine Solution

A complete overview presentation of Dimagi’s response to the public health challenges & the Dimagi Vaccine Solution, with Application demo & backend analytics [FILE pdf]

DVS Technical Design Doc

A technical guide to Dimagi Vaccine Solution for in-depth case structures, form workflows and dashboard. This document will serve as a guide for setup of the application. [FILE pdf]

DVS Configuration Guide

A configuration guide for the Dimagi Vaccine Solution. This document contains all the components that can be configured in module/micro-application in order to deploy them successfully. [FILE pdf]

DVS Functional Specifications Doc

This includes a detailed overview of the application with functionality of each module. [FILE pdf]

DVS Data Dictionary

Data dictionary is a resource that lists all case properties along with their description and usage. [FILE pdf]