Form Summary Text (Pragma-Form-Descriptor)

This describes the usage of form summary text which will be used in the incomplete form list on mobile. 

How this works

After a form is saved as incomplete, users can open the incomplete form list to complete and submit those forms. Every entry in the form list screen contains the name of the form, time of creation of that form and the case name if the form belongs to a case. The downside of this is when the form doesn't belong to a case, the incomplete form list shows only the name of the form and it becomes difficult for the users to identify the form. 

The solution is to provide a form summary by implementing a new label with iText ID: Pragma-Form-Descriptor

Example Setup

  • Create a new Label in the form. 

  • Enter something in the Display Text

Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 6.53.20 PM.png


  • Modify the Display Text Itext ID: 

    • Uncheck auto?

    • Use `Pragma-Form-Descriptor` as the id value. 

Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 6.54.11 PM.png

  • Leave this new label to the very bottom in the app build form

  • Make sure it’s hidden from users (Display Condition - false())