CloudWorks Architecture

The two main components of the platform

  1. eDiagnostic Apps (currently only the Rapid Diagnostics Toolkit is integrated)

  2. Backend web application -  CloudWorks

Interoperable with APIs

To ensure that the platform can be utilized by organizations as an extension to their mHealth tool, the middleware Rapid Diagnostics Toolkit, has been designed for RDT Point of Care properties to be configured and passed back directly to an mHealth tool via API. This means the Toolkit can be used with our without sending data to the CloudWorks server

The Rapid Diagnostics Toolkit APIs allow for the basic RDT Point of Care properties (i.e. test times, duration, image, results, etc.) to be sent to the mHealth application, to be stored in that data set and to be reported on using the mHealth application reporting features or built into their dashboards. 

Program RDT Usage data and Detailed RDT Capture Session data are submitted via separate endpoints (configured by the implementer) via an Open API with identifying data removed. This API can be implemented on system backends, or stood up through a reference implementation server, CloudWorks.

The data: RDT result images & de-identified metadata

The RDToolkit facilitates collection of relevant testing point of care properties (e.g. test times, duration, image, results, etc.)

Each time an RDT is conducted and read, very large volumes of image and metadata are generated. The system groups certain pieces of metadata together.  This metadata can be sent to different endpoints to ensure client side connectivity is not blocked by larger, less imperative to programmatic success, de-identified metadata.

Hosted CloudWorks SaaS Solution

The CloudWorks backend is hosted by Dimagi as a SaaS solution

The hosted CloudWorks Dashboard has multiple SaaS-based tiers with increasing access to data, reporting, and features, the lowest of which is free to use. 

Open Source 

CloudWorks is an open source project as is the Rapid Diagnostics Toolkit

Here are more details in the technical documentation

Numerous collaborators bringing custom integrations

The CloudWorks SaaS solution is a set of global open APIs, the Rapid Diagnostics Toolkit, and datasets, that enable interoperability of RDTs & disease detection eDiagnostics apps with execution, analysis, storage, and a reporting ecosystem.