CloudWorks Data Backend & Dashboard

The Web Dashboard enables high-level supervision of Community Health Workers’ RDT administration. It provides visibility of the results to assist with monitoring and therefore confidence that the testing is happening and accurately.

The Dashboard users will be clinical (i.e. Nurses, Doctors and/or Lab technicians). They will be program managers collecting and analyzing detailed metadata and images collected in the field.

CloudWorks Web Dashboard which displays CloudWorks data for the clinical users to analyze all RDTs done

  • Provides an easy way to track overall testing, accuracy and results

  • Improves diagnostic accuracy 

  • Enables data to be fed easily into health systems

The CloudWorks Dashboard

The main Disease Surveillance Dashboard showing

  1. Total RDT readings

  2. percentage of positive cases

  3. The agreement percentage is the percentage of agreements between user and classifier

  4. The result validity is the frequency of results captured within the time frame compared to results captured too early or too late.

The CloudWorks Dashboard Case Metadata screen

Details of the data collected from the RDToolkit and sent to the CloudWorks server. It can we exported for analysis

The CloudWorks Dashboard RDT Image Files

All the images captured by users of the RDToolkit. Useful to validate the quality of images and the accuracy of the readings

The Solution Architecture

For more on the data, integrations, interoperability and API's see this section.