COVID-19 Template App: Port of Entry Surveillance

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About the Port of Entry Surveillance Application

Download the CommCare Application

The Port of Entry Surveillance application is available to be imported directly into your CommCare project space, along with all free COVID-19 template applications, in this library: 

Application Version History:

  • June 23, 2020 (Latest Update): Updated with Spanish & Portuguese translations

  • June 5, 2020: Updated with Hindi & French translations

  • April 10, 2020: First version released

Application Overview

The application has been designed to screen travelers for COVID-19 risk factors and symptoms at air, sea, rail and land Ports of Entry and to record their travel companions or close contacts.  To establish a mechanism for communicating alerts of suspected COVID-19 cases between Port of Entry health authorities, transport sector officials and national health surveillance systems, the application has also been designed to integrate with the COVID-19 Tracking template application based on the WHO First Few X (FFX) Cases protocol.

It is envisioned that screening will be conducted across several countries or sites with geographic and demographic diversity.  Following guidelines from the WHO, the application allows epidemiological exposure data to be systematically collected and shared rapidly in a format that can be easily aggregated, tabulated and analyzed across many different settings globally for timely estimates of 2019-nCoV infection severity and transmissibility, as well as to inform public health responses and policy decisions.  This is particularly important in the context of a novel respiratory pathogen, such as 2019-nCoV. You can access interim guidance for point of entry and mass gatherings directly on the WHO’s website.

Application Details

Application Workflow

As per WHO guidelines, the application has been designed to support the following processes for managing ill travelers at points of entry: 

  • Detection of ill travelers at international points of entry

  • Interview and screening of ill travelers

  • Reporting of ill travelers with suspected COVID-19

  • Initial case management and referral of ill travelers with suspected COVID-19

Description of Forms in CommCare

This application was developed around the WHO interim guidelines, including the Management of ill travelers at Points of Entry (international airports, seaports, and ground crossings) in the context of COVID-19. The tables below break down the role of each form in the CommCare application, including: 

  • Form Name (CommCare)

  • Form Name (WHO)

  • Form Purpose

  • Summary of content

  • Collect information from whom

  • Timing of Data collection 

App Case Types and Relationships

Like many CommCare applications, this application uses case management to keep track of progress of various points of interest. To learn more about the case types and relationships, please review your application's case summary.

This application was designed to integrate seamlessly with programs following the WHO First Few X (FFX) Cases protocol so the case structure mimics that of the COVID-19 Template app. Figure 1 represents the application’s current case structure.  To learn more about configuring case sharing or case assignment workflows, you can refer to our documentation on Case Sharing Using Organizations.

You can reconfigure the case structure if you intend to use the Port of Entry Surveillance tool as a standalone application. Figure 2 represents a sample alternate case structure you could adopt.