Messaging Beginner Tutorial

This tutorial will introduce you to using Messaging within your CommCare application.    This will be based on a very simple application (registration of a pregnant woman and tracking of pregnant women.).  We'll add some basic messaging to the application including a welcome message to registered women, a message to remind women to visit the clinic if she has danger signs and messages to health workers to remind them of delivery dates. 

Reviewing CommCare and Case Management

Before starting this tutorial, please make sure you've completed the Beginner Tutorial and Basic Case Management Tutorial. This contains important information about setting up a basic CommCare application.

Learning Objectives for Messaging Beginnner Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn the following:

  • Choosing the SMS connection for a project

  • Registering a case that has a phone number that can be used for Messaging

  • Adding a phone number to a mobile worker so that they can send and receive messages

  • Setup a Reminder that is sent to all cases

  • Setup a Conditional Reminder

  • Setup a Reminder That Sends Based on a Date in a Case

  • Viewing Messages in the Reminder Calendar and Message Log

Before starting this tutorial, setup a new project space, unless you've already done so.  

Tutorial Contents

  1. Messaging Beginner Tutorial Home Page

  2. Choose an SMS Connection for Project

  3. Register a Case For Messaging

  4. Configure a Follow Up Form

  5. Setup a Mobile Worker for Messaging

  6. Welcome Message Reminder - This will send a message to newly registered cases giving them some info

  7. Conditional Reminders - This will be sent to mothers with danger signs

  8. Date Based Reminder - This will be sent to health workers before mothers are due for delivery

  9. Testing and Viewing Scheduled Reminders