COVID-19 Template App: Health Care Provider Training and Monitoring


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About the Health Care Provider Training and Monitoring Application


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The Health Care Provider Training and Monitoring application is available to be imported directly into your CommCare project space, along with all free COVID-19 template applications, in this library: 

Application Version History

  • July 28, 2020 (Latest Update): Updated with revised guidance on masks

  • July 09, 2020: Updated with French, Spanish, Portuguese & Hindi translations

  • May 07, 2020: First version released

  • June 02, 2020: Updated multimedia

Application Overview

This application is designed to provide direct support and daily monitoring to Health Care Providers (HCPs) - it supports three primary workflows:

  1. First, it is designed to rapidly assess HCPs for risk of contracting COVID-19. The application screens for signs and symptoms of the virus and provides decision making support and next steps based on inputs.

  2. Second, it provides educational materials on a variety of subjects including support for the mental health of HCP’s and best practices for at the health facility and upon returning to one’s home.

  3. Last, the app provides a feedback loop allowing HCPs to suggest areas of improvement for their facilities as they respond to COVID-19 outbreaks.


Application Details

Application Workflow

This application reflects information from WHO and CDC protocols designed for the education and training of HCPs in the response to COVID-19. It contains the following content:

  • Daily monitoring of symptoms and access to personal protective equipment and other critical stock.

  • Health worker education modules (COVID-19, PPE usage, WASH protocols, or new protocols) 

  • Mental Health and stress management modules 

  • Quality improvement areas for COVID-19 practices & Facility improvement suggestions

  • Risk Mitigation Reporting, focused beyond how health workers can mitigate their own risk to how they can do so on behalf of their families and close contacts.




Description of Forms in CommCare

The table below breaks down the the role of each form in the CommCare application:


App Case Types and Relationships

Like many CommCare applications, this application uses case management to keep track of progress of various points of interest. To learn more about the case types and relationships, please review your application's case summary.

This application was designed to be used as a stand alone application or to easily integrate with an existing Health Care Provider/Facility level application. This application makes use of a single case type and all information is saved to the health_care_provider case which can be re-configured to fit into an existing structure if needed.