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Custom User Data is useful if you want to be able to reference additional information about users in forms or cases.  By default, when you register a new Mobile Worker you can specify their username, first name, last name, and password. Custom User Data is an advanced tool that enables you to store and reference any number of additional information about your web users or mobile workers. For example, you could create a category of users, additional location data, or other metadata.


In this stage, you must define what data fields you want to collect for each web user/mobile user.

  • On CommCareHQ navigate to Users -> Mobile Workers.

  • Click on the "Edit User Fields" button in the middle of the screen:


This configuration would then update the Mobile Worker Registration Page to look like this:


The process remains ultimately the same for web users. The new UI for editing a web user looks like this, providing the ability to edit information. This was previously available only to mobile workers.

Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 17.03.37.pngImage Added

Add Custom User Data

There are two ways to add custom user data - through the Mobile Workers section of CommCareHQ, or through Bulk Upload

CommCareHQ Web Users / Mobile Workers Page

After you configure the user data, each time you add a new web user/mobile worker the CommCareHQ user will be prompted to populate the field, in addition to the standard username and password fields. Required fields will have to be populated at the time of creating the web user/mobile worker, while other fields are optional. These can be filled in during registration, or when editing a worker an account.

Bulk User Upload

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You can use the Upload Mobile Workers in Bulk tool to add and update custom user data in bulk.