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titleThis feature requires a CommCare Software Plan

This feature (Case Sharing) will only be available to CommCare project spaces with a Pro Plan or higher. For more details, see the CommCare Software Plan page.


It is important to note that by default case sharing assumes all users are in exactly one case sharing group (or location), and apps will throw errors for users creating cases if they are . If a user is not in a group, or are is in more than one group, apps will throw an error for any form that creates a new case unless additional configuration is provided to clarify the owner of the case.

To configure case sharing for users in multiple groups, you can read the following guides depending on what features you are using.


Often if you have an error in case management (i.e. you did not follow one of the steps above), you will see a message indicating that your user is not in a case sharing group or is in more than one case sharing group. If you see this, go back and check your case sharing settings or visit the page Debugging Case Sharing errors to know more about the error. It is likely that 1 of your users is not in exactly one case sharing group.


A: Once the forms are submitted they will update the case in the order in which they are received (according to the server received time). If one of the forms closed a case and a subsequent form attempts to update that case, the case will not be reopened but the (now closed) case will be updated.

Q: Is there a way to specify case sharing for different groups by menu or a specific case type?

A: Unfortunately this use case is not currently supported in the app builder. However, you can configure this manually by specifying the "owner_id" property for new cases which you don't want to share to be set to the id of the current user (defined in the form as a hidden value) in the normal case property configuration screen. That will result in those cases not being shared.