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  1. To do this, access the application you would like to copy by clicking on the "Application" option on the ribbon menu, found at the top of the page. Then click on the specific application name you would like to copy. 

  2. Select the gear icon in the upper left hand corner at the top of the page to proceed to the Application Settings page. On this screen, select the 'Actions' tab.

  3. In the " box type or select the project space you’d like to copy the application to (it can be the same project space you’re currently on).
    NOTE: You need to be an admin web user in the project space you're trying to copy the application to. 
  4. In the "Name*" box, you can also give the Application a new default name before copying.

  5. When copying an app, you can chose the version to be copied.
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  6. Finally, click the Copy button. Clicking the button will bring you to the same/new project space, into the newly made copy of the application where you can proceed with building your application.