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1. Make sure you are viewing the application in the correct language, e.g. if you created an application in English and French and now want to update the User Interface in French, then you would first need to change the language setting from English to French 



2. Select the "CommCare translations" button found on the "Languages" page in the settings section.  You should find a box that looks like this:


4. If you want to keep them, click on the green "Save" button in the upper right corner.  You can also directly edit the translations, delete ones you don't want (by clicking on the "x"), or add additional translations, which is explained below.

Adding New Translations

At the top of the box are two links to two sets of libraries of supported keys.

The first two are for Java phones (JavaRosa and one called CommCare).  The second two are for CommCareODK. Depending upon the platform you are using (Java feature phone vs Android) you will need to look into the appropriate two lists.

The pages may all look slightly different, but you The link to library of supported keys for CommCare is hosted on Github. You will be opening a webpage with a long list of "keys" and English text which looks something like this:


It might look scary, but each row is simply:

key (what CommCare uses to find the text to display) = English text

This is the same as the user interface translation boxes we saw above.  The left box is for the key (i.e. "restore.message.connection.failed") and the right box is for the text to display (i.e. "Connection to server failed").


First, I open the CommCare library and searched the page for "required" in order to find the relevant key.  I didn't find it in the CommCare library so I opened the JavaRosa library and found it there.  Here Here is what I found:

I take the "key" to the left of the equals sign and put it in the left box of the user interface translation section (don't include the "="), and then the translation for "Required question. Please answer it to continue" into the right box:


Important Notes about User Interface Translations

  • The JavaRosa and CommCare libraries DO NOT work for ODK applications, they are designed for Java Phones only.  The "=" sign you see in the library does not need to be used in the user interface translation settings.


Android Translations are set the exact same way as Java Phone translations, but the key specified is different. You can find the specific translations on hosted on GitHub.

Java Phone-Specific User Interface Translations