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Key Points

1. Center Button

Used for basic navigation like scrolling up and down or left to right

  • In CommCare the center button also works for “Ok”

  • Click the center takes you to the “Main Menu” screen on the phone

2. Key Pad

Used for entering letters and numbers

  • Decimal/Period button is on the bottom left corner

  • “0” key enters a space in between letters

3. Red/Power Key

Turns phone on/off, hangs up calls, exits CommCare application

  • Exits out of CommCare

  • Make sure users log out of CommCare before exiting

4. Green/Answer Button

Answers calls, selects options


5. Soft Keys

Selects options, navigates within CommCare application

  • Selecting “options” will all you to do things like sort a case list

6. Hash Tag (#)

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Plays audio in forms

  • Pressing the “#” will play audio clips that are in the application

7. Settings

Found under the menu, this changes phone setting such as “date and time”

  • Also used to change the phone’s language settings

8. Applications

Enters applications like SD card, Games folder, and Collection Folder

  • Where the CommCare “App” is stored

  • Contains SD/memory card

9. CommCare Application

Opens CommCare Application

  • Clicking on this logo opens Commcare







Key Points

1. Login Screen

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Logs user into CommCare with secure password

  • Passwords can be set as either letters or numbers

  • If phone is lost, the username and password can be changed

2. Module Screen

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Section of the application that displays the modules in the application

  • This is the first screen that appears after logging in

  • Each module contains “forms” with questions in them.

3. Forms Screen

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Where you enter or modify information for

  • Forms may open, update, and close cases

4. Syncing with Server

Sync with Server (you have 1 unsent form)

Sends forms to the cloud-based server, retrieves any new information that may have been added to the cases

  • It is important to click on this if it is red, or has been in an area of low-connectivity

5. Case List

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Shows the list of cases on the phone

  • “Options” key sorts the list

  • “Find” allows users to search for a client

  • The total number of clients is listed on the top of the case list screen

6. Case Details

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Shows the details of the selected ase

  • Contains data that has been previously entered and saved to the case

  • Must select “OK” before moving on to follow-up form