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Healthcare Provider Training & Monitoring Demo Video (please click image below)


Download the CommCare Application

The Health Care Provider Training and Monitoring application is available to be imported directly into your CommCare project space, along with all free COVID-19 template applications, in this library: 

Application Version History

  • July 0928, 2020 : (Latest Update): Updated with revised guidance on masks
  • July 09, 2020: Updated with French, Spanish, Portuguese & Hindi translations
  • May 07, 2020: First version released
  • June 02, 2020: Updated multimedia

Application Overview

This application is designed to provide direct support and daily monitoring to Health Care Providers (HCPs) - it supports three primary workflows:

  1. First, it is designed to rapidly assess HCPs for risk of contracting COVID-19. The application screens for signs and symptoms of the virus and provides decision making support and next steps based on inputs.
  2. Second, it provides educational materials on a variety of subjects including support for the mental health of HCP’s and best practices for at the health facility and upon returning to one’s home.
  3. Last, the app provides a feedback loop allowing HCPs to suggest areas of improvement for their facilities as they respond to COVID-19 outbreaks.


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titleHealth Care Provider App Workflow

Description of Forms in CommCare

The table below breaks down the the role of each form in the CommCare application:

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titleHealth Care Provider App Forms



Register Health Care Provider

Filled out once per healthcare provider to register into the system.  Short form capturing critical information to identify and contact the individual

Edit Health Care Provider  Information

Filled out only if the critical information captured in the Health Care Provider Registration form was incorrect or has changed

Symptom Monitoring Form

Filled out on a regular basis to facilitate symptom screening and provide brief recommendation on next steps depending on level screening outcome. 

Risk Assessment Form 

For use by health care providers at facilities with COVID 19 patients, this form should be completed by health care workers who have been exposed to a patient confirmed to have COVID-19. The form, based on the WHO risk assessment helps to determine the risk level of each health care worker, and informs on management tactics.  

Suggestions for Facility Improvements

Filled out on an as-needed basis, this simple form captures areas that an HCP might want to report as needing improvement that can be reviewed and actioned by the managing authority.

Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Reviewed as needed, this form provides up to date guidance on water, sanitation hygiene and waste management for COVID-19 based on WHO guidance. 


An educational form designed to provide basic COVID-19 related information to health care providers. The form allows HCPs to select what areas they are interested in learning more about and then are presented with relevant details. The form presents areas of learning ranging from “What are the symptoms of COVID-19” to “Can I catch COVID-19 from my pet” and much in between. 

Mental Health and Stress Management 

This educational form reviewed on an as-needed basis presents health care workers with educational and counseling messages related to the potential mental health burden presented by working on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Risk Education for Families

This educational form shares best practices from the CDC on how health care providers can mitigate risk for their families and close contacts as they travel between the health facility and their homes and interact with family members in the home.

Sequence for Putting on PPE

This educational form provides the Health Care Provider with the key information for the correct application of PPE for use in the Health Facility environment. This form is designed to be reviewed by the health care provider to provide initial PPE education but can also be reviewed again in the future should the HCP require it.

App Case Types and Relationships

Like many CommCare applications, this application uses case management to keep track of progress of various points of interest. To learn more about the case types and relationships, please review your application's case summary.

This application was designed to be used as a stand alone application or to easily integrate with an existing Health Care Provider/Facility level application. This application makes use of a single case type and all information is saved to the health_care_provider case which can be re-configured to fit into an existing structure if needed.