Linked Configurations

Linked Configurations is a robust feature that enables you to establish precise connections between upstream and downstream content.

With Linked Configurations, you can effortlessly check for matching unlinked configurations in the downstream project spaces before overwriting them, preventing unintended data loss. The link icon (below) conveniently helps you identify linked configurations in the downstream project spaces, ensuring easy recognition and seamless collaboration. You have complete control over the editing permissions of linked configurations in downstream project spaces through a dedicated web user permission, enhancing data integrity and access control.

Below is an example of what a linked configuration, such as a lookup table, looks like in the UI. When a configuration is linked with an upstream project space, a link icon will appear next to it to indicate it is a linked configuration.

The link icon.


Edit linked configurations in a downstream project

Linked configurations can be edited in the downstream project space only after unlocking them. For instance, if you are on the Lookup Tables page, you can see the Unlock Linked Tables For Me button. The UI displays a link icon to indicate that a data model is a linked configuration. When you click the Unlock Linked Tables For Me button, a warning message is displayed to inform you about the risk of losing edits when content is pushed, and the table is overwritten. Clicking "lock linked tables for me" makes the tables "view only" to prevent accidental data changes.

  1. The link icon indicates that the specific data model is a linked configuration.

  2. You can only view linked configurations when they are locked.

  3. Click Unlock Linked Tables For Me to enable editing.

  1. A warning message will pop up. Click Unlock if you wish to continue.

  2. You can now edit and or delete the linked configuration.

  3. Click Lock Linked Tables For Me to lock the linked configuration and restrict editing.