Parity of Web Apps with Mobile Apps

This feature requires a CommCare Software Plan

This feature (Web Apps) will only be available to CommCare users with an Advanced Plan or higher. For more details, see the CommCare Software Plan page. Note that all users, even those with the Community Plan, will be able to use Web Apps to preview forms only (the Preview Form feature).

  • We recommend you use the Google Chrome web browser.

    • Other browsers may work, but are not fully supported.

  • Case sharing as a web user is not supported.

  • No mobile-specific user interface settings (e.g. Sense mode) are honored.

  • The time portion of 'format-date' does not work well. Time portion always shows up as 00:00:00 in Web Apps.

  • The "default language" setting is not honored for applications. User-specific language setting is used instead for both Web and Mobile users. 

  • Groups that contain only hidden values will be shown as empty groups in Web Apps if the display condition of the group is met.

  • Case List Menu Item setting for a module.

  • Alternative calendar formats are not supported.

  • Multimedia upload and capture (Image, Video, Audio) are not supported.

  • Most advanced Android formatting options are not respected.

  • Audio files on multiple choice question choices will not show or play.

  • Images on multiple choice question choices will not show or play.

  • Images and audio files on buttons will not show or play.

  • Incomplete Forms are available if at least one application in the project space has them enabled.

  • Incomplete forms on Web Apps are deleted automatically after 7 days.

  • User controlled repeat groups don't get rendered when mixed with repeat group of other types in the same form. To work around this issue , it is possible to ask the user how many repeats they require. 

  • Having multiple tabs open on your browser with Web Apps is known to have caused some performance issues in the past. We'd generally recommend not opening Web Apps for data collection in multiple tabs / groups.

  • 'Phone Number' format in case list in not supported on Web Apps. The phone number will not be displayed in the case list as highlighted. 

  • End of Form Navigation using Home screen is not supported on Web Apps. When utilizing End of Form Navigation, Web Apps users wishing to return to the list of menus/modules should use 'First Menu' and not 'Home Screen.'

  • Web Apps supports the here()  function expression in persistent entity views, which are unsupported on the Android platform