Support Guide for New Customers

Did you just purchase a CommCare subscription or create a new project space? Were you on a contracted project with Dimagi that just ended? Do you need some more information around what to expect from the Dimagi Support team as a valued CommCare customer? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this guide is for you!

Through this guide, we hope you will have more clarity into what you can expect from our dedicated Technical Support Team.  By the end of reading this guide, we hope that you will be able to send great bug reports, know when you will hear back from our Technical Support Team, and have the resources necessary to troubleshoot and debug app-building issues on your own!

The Support Guide for New Customers

Service Level Agreements

Service level agreements, or SLAs, are the agreements made between you and Dimagi when you purchase CommCare. SLAs outline the type, frequency, and level of support Dimagi will provide – specifically, the level of support service expected from the Dimagi Support team.

If you know what type of Software Plan that you have, you can see the support-level included by visiting and scrolling down to “Support.”

Our CommCare SLAs can also be found at

Who are the Dimagi Support Team?

The Dimagi Support team is a team of support engineers available around the clock. We are dedicated to the success of our users and do our best to unblock users from any issues they may be facing on the platform. We work in coordination with our project managers and software engineers to find fast, sustainable solutions to questions and bugs. We strive to be a support team that advocates for its users, is able to provide quick and clear communication, and acts as a deep source of knowledge on the product. We are proud to maintain an average customer satisfaction score of 95%, and we hope all our users continue to have positive experiences with us!

When can we expect our issue to be picked up by the Dimagi Support team?

We guarantee a three-business-day first response time for all Standard plan customers, and a one-business-day first response time for all Pro and above customers. This does not include follow-up time (emails after the first response) or resolution times.

When can we expect a follow-up response from the Dimagi Support team?

After the initial response from our team, we promise all Advanced and Enterprise a reply to any of your subsequent emails within one business day. For urgent/breaking bugs, we promise an update every two hours on the status of your ticket. 

If you’re on a Community, Standard, or Pro plan, don’t fret! Although we are not in a position to offer you a follow-up SLA at this time, our average follow-up time over the past year for all tickets submitted by our users is less than four hours!

When can we expect our question or issue to be resolved?

The amount of time it takes to solve your issue is dependent upon many things, including our current support queue and the complexity of the issue you’re reporting. As a good rule-of-thumb, the more information you can give us about the issue upfront, the faster we can work.

To date, our Advanced and Enterprise customers have experienced an average full resolution time of 2.5 business days for all application building questions, and 4 business days for bugs in our system!

How do you prioritize bugs and questions?

Our prioritization process takes into account the severity of the issue, the subscription plan, and our competing backlog in that order. Curious to learn more about how we prioritize our queue? We take inspiration from successful teams.

I have a lot of questions around application building and design. Is the support team the right team to speak to about this?

We urge new customers to take advantage of some of our paid Onboarding Packages if you are just starting your project and have questions around application building and design. The Support Team is working on many issues at once, including bugs, so we are often unable to dive as deeply as customers would like when it comes to your application design and workflows. Fortunately, onboardings can help fill in that gap. 

Purchasing an Onboarding Package will grant you dedicated time with an experienced app builder. You will have one-on-one calls with the app builder who will take you through your application, from design to building to exporting data. Our app builders will suggest changes and improvements specific to your app and guide you on sustainability and data manipulation best practices. We highly recommend all our new users to take full advantage of this offer! Email our Sales team at for more information about our onboardings. 

Not in a position to pay for an Onboarding Package at this time? No problem! We have several quick start guides on our website. We urge our customers to take full advantage of these guides.

I’m not encountering a bug, but I’m confused about how to build or troubleshoot my app. Where do I start?

Before contacting support, always review our comprehensive help site. It features step-by-step tutorials about everything from acquiring the right mobile device to writing complicated formulas in our form builder!

If you’ve reviewed our help site and you still are not able to resolve the issue, you can also search and post on the Dimagi Forum. The forum is a community-driven space and includes experienced app builders, Dimagi staff members, and even Dimagi alumni who are all available to answer questions. The forum is growing every month and proves to be an efficient place to answer questions when you’re in a crunch. In fact, in the last year the average length it took to answer a question in the forum for all tickets was just 48 hours!

If the help site and the forum have not helped, feel free to contact us via the “report an issue” button from your project space. You’ll find it within the question mark icon in the top right corner of your screen when logged into CommCare HQ. Be sure to send as much information as you can when you report an issue – especially if you need a fast response! The more information you provide, the faster we can solve your problem.

I’m reporting an issue via the “Report an Issue” button. What should I provide to ensure I get a fast and helpful response?

You should follow the guidelines at We often find ourselves asking our customers to provide links to relevant issues or reproduction steps because we are unable to reproduce what you might be experiencing. The more you clarify how to reproduce the issue from the beginning, the faster we can triage, investigate, and fix your problem.

Happy app-building!