COVID-19 Template App: Facility Readiness and Stock Tracking

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About the Facility Readiness and Stock Tracking Application

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The Facility Readiness and Stock Tracking application is available to be imported directly into your CommCare project space, along with all free COVID-19 template applications, in this library: 

Application Version History

  • 26 June, 2020 (Latest Update): Updated with French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Hindi translations

  • April 13, 2020: First Version Released

Application Overview

In order to support COVID-19 response, this application has been designed to help identify facilities that need their capacities increased, as well as note potential stock imbalances. The application promotes the completion of a facility readiness assessment for COVID-19, including the identification of gaps and tracking their status over time as they are addressed. 

Using a standardized protocol such as the protocol provided here, facility readiness data and critical stock usage data can be systematically collected, formatted into actionable reports and shared rapidly with decision making organizations and individuals globally to plan for and predict facility readiness and critical stock items needed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Interim guidance on essential resource planning can be accessed directly on the WHO website.

Please see this application concept note to learn more about this application's design.

Application Details

Application Workflow

The application was designed to reflect the WHO essential resource planning guidelines and to enable COVID-19 health facility assessments for health care facilities based on the WHO Hospital Readiness checklist for COVID-19. Dimagi’s team of software engineers and implementation specialists built the app to support the following processes: 

  • Registration of health care facilities

  • Facilitates facility planning readiness exercise

  • Capture and report details on urgent need of specific COVID-19 related resources

  • Report on oversupply of specific COVID-19 related resources

Description of Forms in CommCare

The table below breaks down the the role of each form in the CommCare application:

  • Form Name (CommCare)

  • Form Name (WHO)

  • Form Purpose

  • Summary of content

  • Collect information from whom

  • Timing of Data collection 

App Data Dictionary

The application's case summary is a great way to see every case property and form questions. However, some properties are more critical than others. Here are the most important case properties and values, organized by key information related to the Facility case.

  • Facility cases


    • Facility case properties

    • Facility stock counts

    • Facility stock count dates

    • Facility readiness sectional scores

    • Facility readiness review dates