Shortened Inactivity Timeout

Shortening the timeout on CommCare HQ

All CommCare HQ users are automatically logged out after too long without activity. By default, this timeout is two weeks.

For enhanced security, this timeout can be shortened to 30 minutes. After 30 minutes of inactivity, users will be logged out, and a popup will appear to obscure the screen and allow the user to log back in:

Users will receive a warning popup two minutes before their session expires, giving them the option to extend the session:

"Activity" is any action. It can be navigating to a page, or can be just clicking the mouse or typing data but not submitting it.

This timeout applies across all of HQ with the exception of pages that do not "belong" to a project space, such as the user's account settings.

Setting up the timeout

The timeout is turned on in Project Settings, under Privacy and Security.

When turning the timeout on, be aware that anyone who has been logged in for longer than the timeout will be immediately logged out.