Beginner Tutorial Part 6 - Publish and Test

Learning Objectives

In Part 6 of the Beginner Tutorial you will learn the following:

  • How to make a new build version

  • How to deploy the application to an Android phone

Releasing an Application

Once you are happy with the application you have built, you can release it to a mobile device to be used by a frontline worker!


    • Go to the app manager by clicking on your application name

    • Click on the "Make New Version" button to create a new version of your application.  It will take a little while for your application to get ready.

You will now see a "version." This can be installed onto a phone.  You can comment on a version after you create it, to give you an idea of the additions/changes you have made to it.  You can always leave it blank if you want to. For example, you might want to make a note "added new questions about birthdate" so you remember later when you made those changes. This is just for practice so you can write something like "First Test."

After the version has been created, click on "Released". This will ensure that the mobile workers are able to install the released version on their devices.

How often do I need to make a new version?

Every time you make changes to your application and want to see those applications on CommCare mobile, you will need to make a new version. Each version of your application is saved forever. You can install or revert back to any version of your application, which is important while you are testing your application. For this reason, if you are about to make a lot of major changes we recommend making a new version prior to making changes in case you make a mistake and want to revert to an earlier version.

Click on "Deploy" and select the platform for which you wish to deploy

Create a mobile worker in order to log in to the application. The instructions can be found at Create and Manage CommCare Mobile Workers


Having trouble logging into your application?

Remember that you cannot log into an application using your CommCareHQ email account and password. For more information on user types please see CommCare Fundamentals - Web and Mobile Workers.


Congratulations! You have RELEASED your first mobile application using CommCare!

Use your Application

After publishing your first application, you should check it out in action! There are two ways to do this:

1) Publish your application to a mobile device 

2) Use your application on Web Apps

Congratulations! You are done with the CommCare Beginner's Tutorial! Ready for more?

Visit the Application Building Tutorial Series. Next, we recommend the Hidden Value Calculations Tutorial.