Find Data by ID

The Find Data by ID feature allows a user to input either a form id or case id and will return the Form Data page or Case Data page if the ID is recognized. These data pages are the same as those found when running either the Submit History report or Case List report.

Searching by ID may be particularly useful if you ran an export, which often contains IDs, and want to access a specific form or case. This feature can be used in combination with the Data Cleaning features (for forms and cases) if your project is on a Pro Plan or higher.

Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 7.15.14 PM.png

To use Find Data by ID, simply paste a form or case ID into the search bar and click find. IDs are long strings of letters, numbers and sometimes dashes that act as unique identifiers for all form submissions and cases.

Advanced search by ID

CommCareHQ also supports searching for IDs using a query in your URL line. One can define the URL:

And swap out the text 'ID' for the unique identifier for Apps, Mobile Worker Groups, Mobile Workers, Web Users, Locations and both Cases and Form Submissions. Doing so will navigate the user directly to the respective data page for the ID.