Web Apps

Web apps require a CommCare Software Plan

This feature is only available to CommCare users with a Advanced Plan or higher. For more details, see the CommCare Software Plan page. Note that all users, even those with the Community Plan, can preview forms on the web (the Application Preview feature).

Using CommCare Apps on the Web

When you build a CommCare app, you can choose to deploy it to a mobile device, to the web, or both! 

Web apps can be used for:

  • Testing CommCare applications or forms

  • A data entry person who needs to be able to modify a mobile users case list or add additional data

  • Cases from mobile applications that are shared with a web app- for example, allowing a nurse at a clinic to update cases when patients visit. A Community Health Worker with a mobile handset is then able to view the updates from the clinic and see what instructions the patient was given.

Using Web Apps: A quick introduction to setting up and using web apps