Project Planning and Implementation

A CommCare project involves much more than just phones and apps.  The resources in this section are intended to help a project manager or other project leadership through the process of planning and executing a CommCare deployment.

The Process

  1. PLAN your project

    1. Project Needs Assessment

    2. Project Kickoff Checklist

    3. Implementation Planning and Project Roles

    4. Budgeting

    5. Technology- Phones, Network, Power

    6. Mobile User Management - Contracts

  2. DESIGN and BUILD your application

    1. Application Building

    2. Developing Application Content

  3. TEST your application

    1. Field testing and iteration

    2. Demonstrate and test your application on a computer

    3. Install your application

  4. TRAIN your staff and workers

    1. Training models

    2. Training techniques/strategies/tips

    3. Training resources

      1. Training manuals

      2. User surveys

      3. Training schedules

  5. MANAGE your project

    1. Update applications

    2. Managing Data - Transferring cases between mobile users

    3. Getting technical help - Troubleshooting

  6. RELEASE applications and content across linked project spaces 

    1. Release management

General Reference

Implementation Best Practices