Basic Case Management Tutorial

The Basic Case Management Tutorial will walk you through the first steps of linking forms together to make a case management-enabled application. It is highly recommended that you complete both the basic and advanced case management tutorials before building an application with case management.


Basic Case Management Tutorial Learning Objectives

In the Basic Case Management Tutorial you will learn the following:

  • More practice on form creation by developing a follow-up form

  • Advanced logic for follow-up forms

  • How to configure a form to register a case

  • How to set a form to require a case as a follow-up form

Other aspects of case management are covered in the Advanced Case Management tutorials


Before starting this tutorial, you should have completed the following tutorials:

This tutorial picks up at the end of the Hidden Value Calculations Tutorial.

Get Started with Adding a Follow-up Form!

Guide to the Basic Case Management Tutorial

Basic Case Management Tutorial Home

  1. Adding Follow-up Forms - add two more forms to your application with more practice in form building

  2. Registering a New Case - get to know the Form Case Management Tab and how to make your Registration Form open a New Case.

  3. Configure a Follow-up Form - how to make a form require selection of a case before opening it and close out a case

  4. Menu-level Case Management Settings - how to prepare all of your menu-level case management and test out your new application