Link applications between project spaces

You need to link Applications individually to downstream project spaces before you can push any content containing updates to that Application.

1. In the upstream project space, navigate to the applications page.

2. Navigate to the application settings.

3. Select the Actions tab.

4. Select the downstream project space you want to link the application to.

5. Check the Copy as Linked Application box. This will create an application that can be updated when content is pushed or pulled with the Linked Project Spaces feature.

You will not be able to check the Copy as Linked Application box if the downstream project space is not linked in the Linked Project Spaces. You first need to link the project spaces before you can link the application. 

6. When you navigate to the downstream project space, you will see the linked application.

7. You will see the application in the Linked Content section of the Linked Project Spaces page in the downstream project space.