List Reports

List Reports

This endpoint will provide a list of reports built in CommCare.  This information can be used in the Download Report Data API to run a specific report and get the results.  


Output Details:

An array of the reports defined in the project.  Each entry will have:

  • Columns: This is the list of columns in the report.  Each column has a type.  An "expanded" column will cause multiple result columns when downloading data for that report. 

  • Filters: This is the filters that can be used for the report.  

    • The filters can have a datatype that is string, integer or decimal.  

    • The type of the filter can be datechoice_list, dynamic_choice_list.  Choice lists are a set of choices that are displayed to the end user.  They can be treated as a string when querying the reports

Sample Output:

[ { "columns": [ { "column_id": "name", "display": "Name", "type": "field" }, { "column_id": "gender", "display": "Gender", "type": "expanded" }, { "column_id": "address", "display": "Person Address", "type": "field" } ], "filters": [ { "datatype": "string", "slug": "closed" }, { "datatype": "string", "slug": "owner_name" } ], "title": "Test Report 1", "id": "9aab0eeb88555a7b3bc8676883e7379a", "resource_uri": "/a/[PROJECT]/api/v0.5/simplereportconfiguration/9aab0eeb88555a7b3bc8676883e7379a/" }, { "columns": [ { "column_id": "district", "display": "District", "type": "field" }, { "column_id": "number_of_children_visited", "display": "Num Children Visited", "type": "field" }, { "column_id": "number_of_children_underweight", "display": "Underweight", "type": "field" } ], "filters": [ { "datatype": "string", "slug": "closed" }, { "datatype": "string", "slug": "owner_name" }, { "datatype": "integer", "slug": "child_age" }, { "datatype": "date", "slug": "form_date" } ], "title": "Test Report 2", "id": "9aab0eeb88555a7b4568676883e7379a", "resource_uri": "/a/[PROJECT]/api/v0.5/simplereportconfiguration/9aab0eeb88555a7b4568676883e7379a/" } ]