CommCare Assessment Tool

As part of our ongoing efforts to better understand the impacts of our mobile health tools including CommCare, Dimagi has developed a Home Visit Quality and Experience Assessment Tool to measure the quality and experience of care provided by CHWs on home visits. As of December 2013, The tool has been field tested once already. The tool has undergone two rounds of revisions after field testing to ensure that we are capturing all the elements that may influence a visit's quality and experience.

The tool is available here: Home Visit Assessment Tool

We would like to further validate the tool to ensure it's relevance in different contexts, programs, and across different types of applications. 

If interested, we invite you to participate in one of two ways:

  1. Review the tool in detail, and comment on which elements need to be changed, and whether we are capturing all the relevant information to accurately capture quality and experience of the home visit, and  whether the scoring system needs revision.

  2. Utilize the tool in the field to observe and record the home visits of your CHWs, and provide us with the relevant data and any observations you may have which can improve the tool further. 

The tool as attached includes a brief description of the various components and the variables we generate from the information captured. It is presented in English although we also have a Hindi version if you prefer to work in Hindi. The attachment also includes a brief interview guide to understand the CHWs background and experiences working with CommCare. 

Please let us know if you would like to support us to improve this tool in either of the two ways mentioned above by contacting us at information @ dimagi dot com

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