About CommCare

This page contains background and general resources about CommCare and the CommCare Help Site.

CommCare Resources and Background

CommCare Evidence Base: Learn about the growing body of evidence about how CommCare can be an effective tool in your project

CommCare Term Glossary: This page lists useful terminology and describes concepts which are helpful in understanding CommCare and the instructions in the following pages.

CommCare Videos: Partner-produced videos and Dimagi-generated tutorials

CommCare Plans: Details about the different components of CommCare Plans

CommCare Pricing FAQs: Frequently Asked Quetions about CommCare's new pricing model. 

Dimagi is the company behind CommCare- visit our website for more information

mHealth Community: General resources for mobile health projects related to health

Open Source Software refers to software that is made freely available and can be modified or redistributed. All of Dimagi's software (including CommCare) is open source. 

CommCare Feature Discoverability is a page that hosts information about features they might have and are not using, or discover significant features they could be using.

About the CommCare Help Site

We do our best to keep the help site up-to-date but our technology is developing fast! If you have a comment or question about a specific page on the help site, we recommend leaving a comment on that page. We will be notified and follow up with your question; however it is important that you leave a comment while logged in so that you will be notified when we reply.

You can also export any page on the help site as a pdf document; after logging in select the "export" option under "tools."

If you have a question about using CommCare that is not addressed on the help site, don't hesitate to contact the CommCare Users Group.

If you are a developer and have a technical question, please contact the CommCare Developers Group

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