Phone2Phone Installation

Phone to Phone Installation

Check out video instructions, courtesy of Derek Treatman, here:

Source phone: Phone with the correct installation of the application and latest multimedia files.  Make sure the application has no data (case data, registered user, etc).  A fresh install is best.

Destination phone:  The phone on which you want to install the application

Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Place the application and the multimedia files in the source phone’s local memory.  To copy files from the memory card into local memory, highlight the item you want to move and hit the “options” softkey, then select “copy”.  Then select a target folder in the phone’s memory (e.g. “collection” or “games” ).  You can move all the multimedia files at once by selecting the top-level folder.

  2. Delete any old application or media files from the destination phone.

  3. Remove the memory card from the destination phone and place it in the source phone.

  4. Copy the multimedia folder and the application to the destination phone’s memory card.

  5. Place the destination phone’s memory card back in the destination phone

  6. Copy the application into the destination phone’s local memory.   This prevents permissions from being reset if the user removes the memory card.              

  7. Set the application permissions as described here:  Nokia Phone Permissions

  8. Run the application once to make sure it is working correctly.  Log in as admin to restore a user’s data, register a new user, etc.

  9. Optionally, you can set a shortcut so that users can access the CommCare application from the phone’s home screen.  Go to  “settings->my shortcuts->right selection key->application list->CommCare”

  10. And you’re done! 

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